Welcome to the ultimate Guns N' Roses DVD cover artwork site

This is the place where you can find almost every GNR dvd cover you will ever need.

Feel free to browse among the pages. The sections are divided by year and each year contains the dates of every circulated GNR show with their respective artwork

You can find here mostly more than one cover for each show,
so you'll have a variety of options to choose.
There are covers that were made for only one version in particular which is noted in brackets above the covers. If it is known, is also noted who made the artwork.

Thanks to all the cover maker artists for their great work. Also, thanks to all the filmers and tapers from all over the world, and of course thanks to the band.
You all rock!

Feel free to contact us and send us any suggestions and comments.
All the feedback is welcome.
You can also send us your artwork which it will be published as soon as possible.

The covers are propiety of their owners. All images in this website are for viewing purpuses only. We don't make any money on this.

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